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  2 Weeks in Bali : Island Hopping to Lombok and Gili


A complete guide for island hopping Lombok and Gili from Bali.


Island transfers, ferry bookings, car rentals, secret finds and much more ...

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  Trekking up Mount Batur : An Active Volcano in Bali


The fire breathing giants in Bali are worshiped by the Balinese as they bring exceptional fertility to the region.

Trekking up Mount Batur is a unique way to experience life flourish around a volcano and the mesmerizing scenic views.

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 A Trip to Tropical Paradise : BALI


The island of Bali, is a melting pot of cultures and traditions seemingly blended in everyday way of life. Explore this terrific blend of beaches, temples, waterfalls and islands in this tropical paradise.

5 Fabulous Beaches of Lombok

Perfect panoramas with turquoise blue waters glistening under the sunlight, softest white sand squishing under our feet and lush green tress on mountains to complement the blues.

Maintaining its rustic charm and untouched by commercialization yet, it was ...

Lombok island in Indonesia


My First Impressions of Lombok


The Island of Lombok has pristine beaches dotting its coastline which alternates between high undulating cliffs and rupturing waves eventually subsiding to form perfectly crescent shaped coastal beaches.

At the very heart of this island is ...