About Me

Deorital Lake Uttarakhand
"Those who travel to mountain tops are half in love with themselves and half in love with Oblivion"


Hello !!! Welcome to The Travelling Toes :)

I am Anu, a happy go lucky person who loves exploring different places with her camera.


An engineer by profession and a traveler by passion, I frequently tend to escape from my cubicle life to find solace in nature and a sense of adventure in exploring places that intrigue me.

While trekking helps me stay fit and healthy, travelling and photography are like meditation for my soul.


Am also quite a beach bum or an island hopper you can say. My ultimate dream is to own an island someday. Is anyone listening? :)


Where did it all begin?

During a year long stay in Sri Lanka, the idea of starting a travel blog occurred to me.

But it was during a two weeks getaway to Bali which inspired me to go for it.

Turned out to be an Eat - Pray - Love - Travel affair ... indeed!


Why travel blogging ?

I have been travelling on my own for about 7 years. 

And have had my share of crazy experiences from hiking up a volcano in Bali, to rappelling down waterfalls in Sahyadris, trekking solo in Himalayas, swimming alongside baby sharks in Sri Lanka, hitch-hiking in Thailand, snorkelling with adorable turtles in Lombok Indonesia, whale watching in Mirissa, jumping right into the middle of the ocean in the night to see the underwater glowing plankton and many more.


There are so many amazing tales to unravel, so much crazy stuff to share and so much more yet to learn from everyone out there. So I thought writing is the best way to connect and create a bond with fellow beings globally.


The Travelling Toes Blog is my way of sharing travel stories and captivating images of my travel escapades.


The idea behind it being, encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones and explore more

while still maintaining the work life balance.

Not everyone has the privilege to quit their jobs and travel the world, but everyone definitely has the right to choose and live their own adventure in life".


So let your happy feet take you places. 

The wanderlust has just begun.


To know more about me and my travels, do check out my blog.

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