Konkan's Rayri Kinara : Rural Tourism and Homestays

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konkan temple
Temple built on a rock in the sea

On a lazy Saturday morning, I excitedly woke up and got ready to kick-start the day. Quite unusual as most of my Saturday mornings involve some leisurely sleeping, but today was going to be different. A trip with a bunch of like minded travellers was on the cards, a reason good enough for me to give up on my beauty sleep. And so I quickly joined all my fellow travel buddies and we hit the road. Our destination was 'Rayri Kinara'.

Rayri Kinara is a beautiful breezy coastline comprising of two coastal villages. These quaint villages namely 'Adgaon' and 'Sarve' lie at the protruding tip of the Konkan coastline.


We drove through the early morning sunshine on winding roads and some stunning vistas enroute. Within 3 hours we made our way to the Konkan coast. The road opened up to a gorgeous beach with colorful boats and fishermen fishing in them. Tiny houses sat on a hillock adjoining the beach. Glistening waters and a white sandy beach devoid of tourists made us grin end to end.

adgaon beach konkan
A typical Coastal village coast in Konkan

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konkan panaroma
Rayri Kinara panorama

Right across the beach we parked our vehicles and could smell the salty sea in the air. Our host Mr. Sudesh More was already present to welcome and greet us into his humble abode. As we settled in his beautiful abode, he served us a refreshing drink called Kokam Sarbat. It is said to have a cooling effect to help our body cope up with the sweltering heat. He then introduced us to his family and lovely kids. They all happily welcomed us and instantly made us feel like home.


An amazing round of dishes were served for lunch. Authentic sea food and homemade coastal preparations filled up our sumptious looking plates. The food was simply amazing and was one of the highlight of the trip. Konkan is extremely famous for sea food and it aptly lives up to its name. Its a must try when you visit.

konkan sea food
Authentic Konkan sea food thali
rice kheer
Sweet dish : Rice Kheer

Mouthwatering Modaks : A must try
Konkan seafood
Simply Heavenly Food : Konkans chicken curry, Egg fry, SoulKadhi, Bhakri and Bread

Post lunch Santosh took us around to explore the village and rural houses. We walked along to the neighbouring houses, plucked ripe mangoes straight from the trees, took a stroll in the feilds and even visited the only school in the village.


Every villager whom we met on the way greeted us with smiles and showered us with abundant love, a rarity these days. Chatting along in their house gardens and playing games with the children was like a walk down the memory lane. We made our way to the beach, where the locals were seen relaxing after their hectic chores during the day.

konkan kids
Smiles all the way :)
konkan village
Back alleys of Adgaon village
konkan village
Artistic windows

The beach is called 'Adgaon Beach' and was right across our homestay. We walked along the shore, dug our feet in sand and watched the boats sail away.


beaches in konkan
Serene Adgaon beach
Konkan beaches
Glorious evening vistas at Adgaon beach

We then left for 'Sarve Beach' to watch the sunset. A 10 minute ride past a lighthouse will take you to the other village of Rayri Kinara called 'Sarve'. This beach was windy and a great place to watch the sun setting by. We had some crazy fun jumping up and down the sand and clicked some creative jumping shots.


Sitting on the rocks, we watched the stars appearing, lit a bonfire, played music and got high on nature. Each one of us was lost is our thoughts enjoying and savouring every moment.


How often these days do we ever go on a holiday and enjoy these simple and powerful moments in life, being one with nature? This charming destination will let you enjoy these simple joys of life, it will take you back in time, a time which is devoid of gadgets,luxuries and virtual connections. It only connects us by the strong bond of simplicity, love and friendship.



Born Wild and Free
wild and free
Free spirits

The bonfire died out and our stomachs ached with hunger. We headed to the house of our next host Mr. Subhash. He and his son welcomed us to their beautiful homestay. Settling down in his intricately decorated courtyard, dinner was served. The aroma of the sea food was delectable. Prawn and fish curries were freshly prepared from the morning's catch and served with authentic chapatis, bhakris and rice. This wholesome meal was finger licking good and the generous servings made sure we had our full. Thanking our host for the lovely meal we headed back to Adgaon. Few of us retired for the day while rest of the folks had a spectacular time on the beach throughout the night. It was an experience in itself.



bonfire on beach
Making fire : Bonfire
konkan houses
Traditional art on the courtyard floors

Next morning we had some fun activities planned for us to do. We could go fishing or visit the local fish market or take a scenic drive to the nearby Fort of 'Janjira'. We unanimously decided to visit the fort. A ferry goes from Dighi jetty to Janjira.But unfortunately the ferry for the day had left before we reached the harbour. So we took a fun boat ride across to the village on the opposite side. The captain of the ship made sure we had a gala time by playing some incredible music on the boats loudspeakers. It added on to the fun and was a fantastic joy ride.



konkan beach
Ideal beach with not a soul in sight

Back from our sailing we slurped onto some colourful Golas and drove back home as happy souls. We said our goodbyes to each other and to our host which by the end of the trip became our extended family. Plenty of hugs and goodbyes later our trip came to an end. We knew we had fallen in love with this place, which took us back in time. It reminded us what it felt like to not only live in the moment but also to live for the moment. To slow down and find our own solace amidst the chaos in life, it taught us to just be.

PS : In an effort to promote rural tourism in Maharashtra, Rayri Kinara is an initiative to generate additional income and means of sustainable livelihoods for the village communities of Sarve and Adgaon. A venture by Grassroutes and Swades Foundation.


Practical Information :


Rayri Kinara is 193 kms from Mumbai and 163 kms from Pune by road.

Things to do around Rayri Kinara :

Try your hands at fishing, cooking homemade delicacies and local curries, visit the lighthouse, take a boat ride and visit the sea fort of Janjira.


From Bottom to top : Adgaon Beach, Sarve Beach and Janjira Fort.



*Note: I was invited on a bloggers’ getaway to Rayri Kinara in April 2016. The opinions expressed are as always my own.

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