Kalametiya : Sri Lanka's Surreal Getaway

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A warm sunset and a chilled beer at Kalametiya Beach
A warm evening and a chilled beer


An isolated beach stretching for miles into the horizon, walking along the shore with the sound of waves soothing every nerve, the tingling feeling when soft waves touch and brush past your feet, feeling the wind in your hair as your body unwinds and your mind surrenders to nature.


That's the beauty and impact this place will have on you. It instantly makes you fall in love with it. Kalametiya is one such place where you have the luxury of having the entire beach to yourself. You cannot find a single soul in sight as far as you can see.

Kalametiya is a fishing village and a coastal wetland area on the south-eastern coast of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka's southern coastline is dotted with picturesque turquoise beaches.


As soon as you get past the bustling streets of Matara the cityscape changes into beaches,swaying coconut trees, palm trees, coastal villages and the air is suddenly filled with the whiff of seafood.

We accidentally ended up here on a weekend trip from Colombo. We had initially set out to explore Tangalle beach but it wasn't particularly a spectacular one to spend a whole day there. It turned out to be a touristy place with a lot of people constantly nagging us to buy stuff. 


So we just drove ahead of Tangalle where the road winds down past tiny villages with few uphill gradients into the open air and a tiny gravel road finds its way to the beach through the forest. A short bumpy ride later, the path to the beach opened up and the beach came into view. That's how simply we found this place and what a find it was indeed!




Kalametiya Beach
A gorgeous morning view of the seashore at Kalametiya beach

We found ourselves a spot under the palm trees. They formed cove like structures for the much needed shade.

I lazed around with a good book to read, had fresh coconut water, made graffiti and artistic drawings in the sand. Walking along the shore watching few really big crabs peep through the crevices in the rocks did give me creeps.

The sun rays mellowed down and  I took a relaxing swim into the refreshing cold water. Watching the clouds float by in the blue sky while floating on the blue waves below.



 Kalametiya Beach sunset
Sunset at Kalametiya Beach




Eventually my body got weary from my unsuccessful swimming attempts. I finally settled down with a chilled bottle of Lion beer and my beloved camera all prepped up for some sunset shots.

The sunset view from here is one of the most spectacular sunsets to experience in Sri Lanka.

The lovely ever changing hues of the sky, to the stark orange of the sun left me enchanted to an extent where I left my camera aside. Enjoying every moment of the evening gazing at the horizon and taking it all in.

So I decided to stay back for the night, for my heart was wanting more of this place. 

A night stay at the beach was no less rewarding with a perfectly starry night, long beach walks and a quick dip into the water with waves glittering under the moonlight like a thousand stars rekindling the romantic in me.  

If you plan to stay at the beach, there are quite a few options to choose from.

I stayed in a boutique hotel called Turtle Bay. It is located on top of a cliff right next to the shore.

A gorgeous infinity pool over looking the beach, with hammocks and outdoor dining make it a perfect weekend getaway.




Scroll through the pics below :



I woke up to the sound of the waves while the morning sun was lighting up the whole beach in front of my eyes. After a good healthy breakfast I set out to explore the interesting places around. At far end of the beach a few fishermen were dragging their boat back to the land against the strong tide.



I quickly went up to them to see what they had caught for the day. Was surprised to see sting rays and jelly fish for I had never seen sting rays before. After some interesting conversation, one of the guys enthusiastically told me about a secret cave which was a few kilometers from the shore into the sea.

He said the cave could be seen and visited when the water level resides in the months of June to August but one needs to get in and out of the cave within few minutes or else it would fill up with water. He also invited us to come back to the beach during season so he could take us to the cave. Who knows whether the cave exists or not but I would need some serious swimming skills and some insane craziness to try it out if it did exist. It would be quite thrilling though. But instead, my hydrophobic self smiled and waved goodbye to these friendly folks thanking them for the info and set out to explore some nearby places.



We headed to Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary to spot some lovely Birds. 


Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary is quite nearby and is a brackish lagoon water body. Its waters are separated from the sea by a narrow strip of the Kalametiya beach and only flows out to it through a narrow outlet. As I crossed over this narrow strip, I was transported to a completely different place altogether.  Reed beds, forests of Mangrove, wetland trees and salt marshes fringed this engagingly beautiful lagoon. I spent all afternoon hiding behind trees and bushes trying to click these camera unfriendly yet chirpy little birds. 



Click the images to enlarge :




Post our exploration we headed to another place called the the "Hummanaya Blow Hole".


Hummanaya Blow Hole is a natural hole formed within a rock from which the water gushes through at high tides and the pressure created shoots the water several feet high above in the air. It was fun watching the mini fountain effect. We spent a relaxed evening here before heading back home.



Tired and sweaty, I sipped on some more fresh coconut water. And as I had my fill of exploring, we headed back home. This private little heaven will always be a part of my travelling memories. We were extremely happy to have found this little gem of a place tucked away in this corner of the world.

PS : The beach has a steep downwards gradient, hence during the high tide the waves lash hard onto the sand particles at the shore pushing them and accumulating them into sand wall type of structures. It is not advisable to swim in the water during high tide as the gradient causes the water to pull you in with a strong force making it risky and unsuitable for swimming.




Here are some more images of this beautiful place .

Have you visited or accidentally discovered such offbeat places tucked away in some remote locations?

Or have you stumbled upon secret getaways?

Do let me know in the comments below, I am all ears for this one!

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