Little by little one travels far...                                                                                      My journey one step at a time

mount batur trek


  Trekking up Mount Batur : An Active Volcano in Bali


The fire breathing giants in Bali are worshiped by the Balinese as they bring exceptional fertility to the region.

Trekking up Mount Batur is a unique way to experience life flourish around a volcano and the mesmerizing scenic views.

deorital trek


 A Trip to Tropical Paradise : BALI


The island of Bali, is a melting pot of cultures and traditions seemingly blended in everyday way of life. Explore this terrific blend of beaches, temples, waterfalls and islands in this tropical paradise.


  Instagramming from the window

seat : Flightogrammer


Instagramming aerial shots of different cities across the globe, images rendering unique perspectives as well as videos captured from the window seat of the plane.


Read more to follow my journey and find out how can you contribute too ... 

deorital trek


Konkan's Rayri Kinara : Rural Tourism and Homestays

Rayri Kinara is a beautiful breezy coastline comprising of two coastal villages. These quaint villages namely 'Adgaon' and 'Sarve' lie at the protruding tip of the Konkan coastline.


We drove through the early morning sunshine on winding roads and some stunning vistas en-route.

colombo fort


The Ultimate City Guide to Colombo


Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka is an eclectic city and a gateway for travellers from across the globe. For most travellers arriving into the island country, Colombo is either just a stopover or a junction point to travel to places across Sri Lanka. But let me tell you, there is more to this city than meets the eye.


inside udaipur city palace


Udaipur in Iconic Images

Grand palaces, glorious lakes, riot of colors depicting the iconic places in Udaipur which bring out the essence and grandeur of this royal city.


There is historic evocation, exuberance and a charming luxurious decadence that lulls every traveller into the city's very heart and soul.

deorital trek


Trekking in Uttarakhand Himalayas : Deorital to Chandrashila


The trek begins from a quaint little village called Sari. Amongst the dense pine growth, we were rewarded with the sight of a single cherry blossom tree growing defiantly ...

Kalametiya beach in Sri Lanka


The Blackbuck Lodge in Velavadar,Gujrat : Into the Wilderness

The Blackbuck Lodge is a 70 acre resort nestled along the Velavadar Blackbuck National Park in Bhavnagar district of Gujrat. The beauty of this place lies in the fact that it is the only standalone property ...



5 Fabulous Beaches of Lombok

Perfect panoramas with turquoise blue waters glistening under the sunlight, softest white sand squishing under our feet and lush green tress on mountains to complement the blues.

Maintaining its rustic charm and untouched by commercialization yet, it was ...

Lombok island in Indonesia


My First Impressions of Lombok

The Island of Lombok has pristine beaches dotting its coastline which alternates between high undulating cliffs and rupturing waves eventually subsiding to form perfectly crescent shaped coastal beaches. At the very heart of this island is ...


Two punctures and then some…

 Everything was right again in my world and our journey to Leh continued. We had crossed some major passes in the past two days, battled the cold,played in the snow,crossed mind-numbingly cold waterfall crossings, spent sleepless nights in the harsh winds trying to blow off our tents in the valleys except the...


Kalametiya : Sri Lanka's Surreal Getaway


An isolated beach stretching for miles into the horizon, walking along the shore with the sound of waves soothing every nerve, the tingling feeling when soft waves touch and brush past your feet, feeling the wind in your hair as your body unwinds and your mind surrenders to nature.

Kalametiya beach in Sri Lanka is one such beach where ...

Keylong in Ladakh


Biking to the roof of the world : An epic journey of 25 days,4000kms and only 4 punctures


“The land is so harsh and the passes so numerous, that only the best of friends or the worst of enemies would visit you” – Quote from the Land of passes.


Who visited me on my journey? 


This particular incident or story is on a slightly different tangent unlike those truly dreamy bike rides...

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